Advice to Applicants

The trustees primary aims are the funding of medical and veterinary causes, research and education, welfare of animals, help with relief to disaster areas, such as Nepal and Haiti and at refugee camps.  Their aims in these main areas are achieved by the award of ongoing grants to Cambridge University, a number of the leading veterinary schools and to charities such as ActionAid, Alzheimer's ResearchUK, The Brooke and Medecins Sans Frontieres.

Smaller grants are made across a wider field. Basically, trustees will consider supporting charitable projects in causes close to their aims which satisfy a NEED, make an IMPACT and are performed by the most APPROPRIATE people or organisation.

Please note that unsolicited applications will not be acknowledged (the Trust has only one employee working one day a week) and the Trust only awards grants of £25,000 or more.

Before you go to the trouble of completing our application form, please consider our aims, have a look at the causes we help, consider whether your work will fall within both and our requirements as emphasised above and then only to registered charities.



Registered Charity no 1091660
The Secretary,
Lanwades Stud, Moulton,
Newmarket, CB8 8QS