Addenbrooke’s Hospital


The Alborada Trust has been a supporter of the hospital since 2015 when it funded the purchase of a 3-D printer, the first of its kind in Cambridge. The success and use of this was such that a grant for a second printer was awarded in 2019 at a total cost of just under half a million pounds.

Upon the outbreak of the Covid pandemic the Trust contacted Addenbrookes to ask how best it could help the staff, particularly those under pressure in the Intensive Care Units. As a result, a substantial grant was awarded for the provision of well-being rooms adjacent to the ICU’s so that the staff could take a break without having to remove all their immunity clothing, what they call ‘donning’n’doffing. This procedure involves a compulsory washing of hands as each layer of clothing is removed and it was a direct result of this that a further award was made for the provision of Care Packages containing personal gifts such as soap and hand cream.

Upon resurgence of Covid in late 2021 a grant was made to cover the cost of distributing further Care Packages to help boost staff morale as they struggled to care for rising numbers of Covid patients. These were presented to deserving staff with a little note of thanks. It is worth quoting part of a letter we received from a nurse:

I am a nurse at Addenbrookes, and like so many of my colleagues have been redeployed from our usual roles to help on the wards / ITU with the COVID pressures. It was on arriving for my last shift when I was presented with my box ‘Acts of Kindness’ with some beautiful hand cream and associated products. 

Thank you for such a thoughtful and relevant gift. 

Very best wishes for the continuation of your ongoing work. As a dual qualified veterinary and human nurse, and Chair of the UK One Health Coordination Group, I hold a particular interest in One Health and was excited to see you list it as one of your priorities. 

The advance of the use of technology in hospitals proceeds apace, as a result of which the Alborada Trust has pledged £750,000 towards the cost of a surgeon robot.

The total amount of help given to Addenbrookes hospital, excluding this pledge, is over £1m.