Addenbrooke’s Charitable Trust

In January 2015, the Trustees of the ALBORADA Trust awarded Addenbrooke’s Charitable Trust a very generous grant of £80,775 to set-up an in-house 3D printing service at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge. 

Medical 3D printing is a quick and cost-effective way of producing models of organs or anatomic structures that accurately represent a patient’s anatomy. Models derived from MRI, X-ray or CT scans that depict the unique and intricate details of a patient’s condition, enable surgeons to take planning for surgery to another level. Previously, off-the-shelf surgical implants had to be bent into place during surgery while the patient was under anaesthetic. Thanks to 3D printing, bespoke implants can be custom-tailored before surgery. This, together with the surgeons’ improved understanding about what to expect, ensures that patients benefit from better results and less time spent in the operating theatre.